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Brandon Bohling


Taking Control of Your Online Presence

End Of Another Era

Disable Smart Punctuation

Just a Test

DIRECTV NOW: Initial Thoughts

Oregon Brewers Festival

Deploying Angular Using http-server, Nginx, and PM2

A Useful Desktop with Ubersicht

Here We Go Again

Forgotten Step

Parallels and Visual Studio Issue

Android's Drop Down Bug

An Event Apart

OSX Disk Images

Remove Day Part of Date in URL

Underscore Your JavaScript This Moment

Configuring Homebrew in a Multi-User Setup

Hazel and ImageOptim for Easy Image Optimizations

Count Lines of Code in a Visual Studio Solution

Redefining My Photography

The View

Buy the MacBook Pro with Retina Display or new MacBook Air

Making UISwitch Useful in a UITableView with Groups or Sections

How the Canon 5D Mark III Killed my iPhone 4S

Network Throttle for iOS Development

Jekyll Link Posts with Keyboard Maestro

Link Posts with Jekyll

Automating Jekyll

How to “View Source” from Safari on an iPad or iPhone

How to find the hidden files on Mac OS X

Jekyll Automated: First Test

Tooth Fairy at 41

Final Cut Pro X on the MacBook Air: A Follow-Up

Need Lens Advice for a Canon DSLR?

Thank You Steve Jobs

Welcome to Cyclocross


Latest Inspirations

Final Cut Pro X on a MacBook Air

Installing Jekyll on Mac OS X

Apps on MacBook Air 30 Days Later

Apps I will install on New MacBook Air

Top 3 Tips for Your First DSLR

Reading Queue

Evolution of Change

Memorial Day Weekend in Hood River


My Everyday Things Project: Bikes

Website Update

What Would You Buy First?

My Everyday Things Project

The Power of Lazy Photo Editing

Jekyll 30 Days Later

A Trip...Down Memory Lane

Still Got It

Lessn and Comments

Random Photo

Our View

Text File Revolution

Scenic Drive

How to Keep Your Husband Engaged in Furniture Decisions

How My iPhone 4 Killed My Canon 5D Mark II: Take 2

My iPhone 4 Killed My Canon 5D Mark II

Is it best to leverage social networks

New Spro Gear is Here!

Online Photo Sharing and Common Craft

Got ExpressionEngine? Need a sitemap index?

ExpressionEngine, AN Hosting, and Customer Support

Taming Rancilio Silvia (Miss Silvia)

Taming Rancilio Rocky

How We Got Here

New Year, New Site Features

Digital Darkroom Tip: Clarify and Sharpen

Japanese Maple

Angel Sweet Gelato

No Turning Back Now!

Costa Rica