Parallels and Visual Studio Issue

After months of experiencing Visual Studio 2012 (running inside Parallels on my Mac) hanging when trying to exit out of the app I took a few minutes to look for a fix. Within a couple of minutes I came across this thread which contained the solution to the issue. Based on the thread it seems like the root cause of this issue is that I am working on solutions that are stored on my Mac, \\psf\Home\pathToSoltion rather than working on solutions that are on the Windows (VM) C drive. Supposedly the Parallels team is aware of the issue and working on a fix, but you can fix it today within two minutes. Simply create a symbolic on the Windows VM.

  1. In Windows, run a command prompt as administrator (Start, search for command prompt, right-click, run as administrator)
  2. Type the command: mklink /D "c:\mac" "\\psf\Home"
  3. Hit return
  4. Now open solutions using c:\mac\pathToSolution

That’s it. I only wish I would have looked for this solution months ago.

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