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Brandon Bohling


Coava - Superb Coffee from Portland

I am a coffee snob. There I said it. Yes, I am fortunate to live in the Northwest where some of the greatest roasters were born. And as much as I like Stumptown I also get bored with the same thing over and over. That’s why I love exploring the many, many, many options I have nearby. This past weekend it was Coava. In their own words

Coava is a family of hard working people who love coffee. What began as a dream in the heart of Matt Higgins and Keith Gehrke has grown into a coffee roastery and brew bar. We are committed to providing the best quality coffee by focusing on single origin beans and optimum brewing techniques. We want to make customers into friends, and our goal is to provide our friends with the best coffee experience we can offer. From quality coffee, to customer service, to putting our own unique twist on the brewing process, we are dedicated to coffee and its ability to bring people together.

All I can say is wow! Not only was their space that they share with the company, Bamboo Revolution, fantastic but their espresso was so fantastically unique and awesome! One tip though…the little clipboards with the cards that look very similar to wine tasting note cards are menus. Don’t write on them…they don’t like that.