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Brandon Bohling

No Turning Back Now!

For those that have not heard, this week we say good-bye to Arizona—our home of nine years! While we will greatly miss our friends here in Arizona and our many favorite destinations of the beautiful Southwest…we are extremely excite about our next chapter (or better yet, book) of the Northwest. To be honest, our decision to move out of state happened rather quickly (about two months) and is rather complex. Fortunately we work for Intel so our jobs will remain the same (there is a several Intel campuses within 30 minutes of our house in Forest Grove), but it was the need for personal changes that drove the decision. For those that know us, we love to explore our surroundings on weekends—going hiking, camping, photo expeditions, etc. And while the Southwest has years worth of exploration we felt we had seen the highlights—multiple times. Bottom line, we were getting a little stagnant, so we were looking for new experiences and what better place than the Great Northwest.

Forest Grove Home

Yes, the climate will be a big change for us, but we plan on embracing our changes and start a new book in our lives. I’m sure there will be many tears shed this weekend when we leave our house (of seven years), but at the same time are excited about what is to come. Again, working at Intel, we have many friends in Oregon, so are looking forward to making new friends and reconnecting with friends that have migrated to Oregon as well. Stay tuned as we share our experiences from our latest adventures!