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Brandon Bohling

New Year, New Site Features

We are still working on adding a bunch more features to our web site, but we accomplished enough over the last few days to release a set of changes to celebrate the new year! Yeah, while you were hooping it up last night we were working on the site, so if you feel sorry for us please send wine.

Most of the work was behind-the-scenes so you, the reader, will never know why in the world so many hours was spent on these tasks. However, for me, the developer, it has given me a foundation and framework to expand on. In other words, I will be able to add new features to the web site faster with less work…which is always good. A short list of new features you will see:

  • Finally opened up our blog; The Word
  • Modified the bottom navigation (you figure out what). Still not updated throughout site, but soon will be.
  • Created placeholders for additional features like Search, About Us, Feeds and Subscriptions.

Upcoming features:

  • New, improved The Action section
  • Add those helpful pages like About Us, Feeds and Subscriptions, and whatever else we come up with
  • Add Site Search

We will let you know as we roll out these new features. Plus I am sure we will think of many more cool things to add to our site, but for now I think we have enough to do.