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Brandon Bohling

Apps on MacBook Air 30 Days Later

In my previous post, Apps I will install on New MacBook Air, I highlight the apps that I intended on installing on my new MacBook Air. It has now been 30 days since I first laid hands on the new system, so what better time to report what I REALLY installed.

Before Dropbox it could take a couple of days to get a new computer set up with all of your goodies. Dropbox shaved off at least a few hours of data migration time, but this is the first time I have set up a new comptuer after using the Mac App Store. Wow. That’s all I have to say, “Wow”! Within an hour I had my new system up and running with a good chunk of my apps. My guess is that next year when I replace our iMac that 80% of my apps will get installed with a click of a button. Sweet!

Below is a list of apps that I installed…in the order I installed them. In addition, I call out the apps I did not mention in my previous post.


  1. Dropbox - I have a 50GB account so I used selective syncing as I did not want to potentially eat up 50GB with Dropbox data.
  2. 1Password
  3. Aperture
  4. Transmit
  5. Alfred
  6. SuperDuper!
  7. (NEW) Secrets - preference pane for all those hidden OS settings
  8. Byword
  9. Reeder
  10. (New)Twitter - just had to use a client instead of the website
  11. TextExpander
  12. Final Cut Pro X
  13. (New) Motion 5 - bought in hopes of using during my vacation. However, I have yet to use it.
  14. Sparrow
  15. (New) Growl - forgot how much I couldn’t live without an OS wide notification system
  16. (New) Geekbench - had to perform benchmark tests on all my Macs
  17. (New) Google Chrome - still too many Flash-based content on the Web
  18. iA Writer - just couldn’t resist
  19. nvALT - so handy for jotting notes.
  20. Keyboard Maestro
  21. (New) VLC - even on the small screen I find myself watching videos
  22. Marked
  23. (New) Tab for Google+ - only slightly better client to Google+ than the website
  24. Textmate



  • Aperture settings and presets
  • Aperture - Aperture2Gmail
  • Aperture - Simone Vitale presets
  • Aperture - Facebook Exporter