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Brandon Bohling

Taking Control of Your Online Presence

I found this post I wrote back on June 10, 2012. I don’t believe I ever published it, but who knows since it feels like I’ve had more websites than content. Regardless, without any edits I think it still mostly applies today. Professional vs. Personal Identities A Brief History It was in 1993 when I first connected to the Internet using a Mac FTP client Gopher, then shortly after that a Web browser called Mosaic.

End Of Another Era

This weekend I ditched Jekyll (again) as my preferred tool for my site. It truly is comical how many times I have switched blogging tools. I have been blogging since 2001 and have switched tools dozens of times. I still have most of my posts too, so I hope to compile all my content here eventually. More importantly though, I want to start writing more regularly again. And the only way that is going to happen is if I remove as much friction as possible including perfection.

Disable Smart Punctuation

I believe smart punctuation is a new iOS 11 feature. Unfortunately it seems to be enabled by default, which if you use your iOS device for markdown, YAML, code, etc. you will need to disable the feature straight away under Settings > General > Keyboards:

Just a Test

Testing a post from iOS as well as some markdown syntax via Ulysses. Below is a list: item item item How about an ordered list: One Two Three And now some code, which is fine but Ulysses’s implementation of code blocks is less than optimal: const foo = 'something'; const bar = 'else'; Whatever That is all.

DIRECTV NOW: Initial Thoughts

DIRECTV released DIRECTV NOW today and I jumped on their Go Big deal. For $35 (normally $60) you get over 100 channels; some you can stream live and some have on-demand content. I have not had cable for years and while we recently gained access to some local channels via an antenna the biggest thing that I have missed is sports. Every year I pay for MLB, MLS, and NBC Sports Gold (for cycling), but obviously that is still limiting.