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Brandon Bohling

Making UISwitch Useful in a UITableView with Groups or Sections

I just had a progasm1. I was creating a UITableView that had multiple groups with multiple rows in each group. Each row had a UISwitch. The intent was to update a price label every time a UISwitch value (on/off) changed. However, figuring out which row and section, trigged the event was not straightforward. After doing some research it seemed like most people were using a hack where they would set the UISwitch tag property to the indexPath.row value. Fine-and-dandy for those with only one group or section, but what about poor me? After digging around some more I stumbled upon this answer on stackoverflow (of course). So I created a UISwitch category that allowed me to create a property called optionIndexPath and with a few lines of code I have a very slick solution.

I am a newbie when it comes to iOS development so maybe this solution is obvious to most or maybe this is an absolutely terrible solution, but until someone tells me otherwise…I think it rocks.

  1. I can’t believe I just used that word. I blame it on lack of sleep. ↩︎