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Brandon Bohling

A Useful Desktop with Ubersicht

Ubersicht is an OS X utility that allows you to display dynamic (or static) content on your desktop. In the screenshot below I have some static content for a color palette and Git commit standards; all text being selectable. Possibly more interesting though are the other widgets that are always changing. Take the two Strava widgets at the bottom of the screen. One widget allows me to quickly see how my 2016 cycling compares to 2015 and the other just displays some key data from the current year.

Ubersicht widgets

While the two Strava widgets are based on custom code I wrote, Ubersicht also has an ever growing set of widgets that you can use without custom code. Examples: in the screenshot above, I am using the simple stocks and the weather widgets.

In a future post I will provide details on creating your own widgets, but for now I encourage you to check out Ubersicht and see what it can offer you out-of-the-box with its current widgets.