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Brandon Bohling

Latest Inspirations

Sometimes we all need a little bit of inspiration to motivate us to be productive. Recently I have leveraged two sources for finding some fantastic photography for inspiration: Google+ and 500px.


The big two social networks have a very fine grain purpose for me…Twitter to keep tabs with technology and Facebook to communicate with a few friends and family members. The newest kid on the block, Google+1, currently is my favorite place to find inspiring photos. Below are a few people that I have added to my photographers circle:


Tired of the crap on Flickr? Check out the amazing photos posted on 500px. Every night I try to spend a few minutes going through the popular photos. Amazing and very inspirational. A few photographers that I follow:

Inspiration Outcome

Ben Canales, that I mentioned above, has really inspired me to take some photos at night. Unfortunately, living in the Northwest, I am finding it particularly difficult to get a clear night at this time of year. After my first attempt though I captured the photo below. I have a LONG ways to go before I get to Ben’s level, but I can’t wait to see what my 99th attempt will look like!


  1. Been living under a rock and don’t know what Google+ is? Learn more here↩︎