Disable Smart Punctuation

I believe smart punctuation is a new iOS 11 feature. Unfortunately it seems to be enabled by default, which if you use your iOS device for markdown, YAML, code, etc. you will need to disable the feature straight away under Settings > General > Keyboards:

DIRECTV NOW: Initial Thoughts

DIRECTV released DIRECTV NOW today and I jumped on their Go Big deal. For $35 (normally $60) you get over 100 channels; some you can stream live and some have on-demand content. I have not had cable for years and while we recently gained access to some local channels via an antenna the biggest thing that I have missed is sports. Every year I pay for MLB, MLS, and NBC Sports Gold (for cycling), but obviously that is still limiting.
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Deploying Angular Using http-server, Nginx, and PM2

Since it took about an hour to put all the pieces together correctly I thought it best to document how I deployed an Angular (version 2) app using http-server, pm2, and nginx. In my case I deployed to an Ubuntu server hosted on DigitalOcean, but these instructions should work the same as long as you have the other components installed correctly. I am not an expert on this topic.
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A Useful Desktop with Ubersicht

Ubersicht is an OS X utility that allows you to display dynamic (or static) content on your desktop. In the screenshot below I have some static content for a color palette and Git commit standards; all text being selectable. Possibly more interesting though are the other widgets that are always changing. Take the two Strava widgets at the bottom of the screen. One widget allows me to quickly see how my 2016 cycling compares to 2015 and the other just displays some key data from the current year.
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Forgotten Step

Even though I have probably set up a new Mac at least a dozen times in the last few years I keep forgetting the most basic step in the world of Terminal…creating a .bash_profile and adding an export path. This is key because it tells Terminal where to look for executable binaries. Hopefully writing the steps down will make sure I never forget this again. Open TextEdit (or your favorite text editor) Add export PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH" on the first line Save in your home directory (~/) as .
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