End of Another Era

This weekend I ditched Jekyll (again) as my preferred tool for my site. It truly is comical how many times I have switched blogging tools. I have been blogging since 2001 and have switched tools dozens of times. I still have most of my posts too, so I hope to compile all my content here eventually. More importantly though, I want to start writing more regularly again. And the only way that is going to happen is if I remove as much friction as possible including perfection.
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Oregon Brewers Festival

This year was the 29th annual Oregon Brewers Festival. Good times.

Here We Go Again

Feeling the urge to blog again, but of course I cannot just write. First, I have to play with the many different blogging engines. Then pick one. Then research all the ways I can tweak it and optimize my workflow. Then try to migrate my many years of blogging (I recently found “blogging” content from a website I did back in 1997…wow are those images low-res). Finally, start writing. Here’s to completing step 1.
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Tooth Fairy at 41

I never, ever would have thought I would have a tooth extracted at age 41. For as long as I remember I have seen a dentist every six months, I have only had one tiny cavity in my life, and every checkup I have had the hygienist has commented on how healthy my teeth look. Certainly I owe a lot to my parents teaching me to brush and floss daily, giving me good genes and paying for braces.
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Thank You Steve Jobs