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Brandon Bohling

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Redefining My Photography

While a single change cannot take credit, it was a single change that was the catalyst to my rekindled passion for photography. In large part, the changes reduced the friction of taking photos and doing something with the photos. This is going to take some time, but hopefully anyone can learn at least one little nugget. A Brief History To understand my recent changes it would help to at least know a little bit about my photography background.

How the Canon 5D Mark III Killed my iPhone 4S

Nearly two years ago I wrote about how the iPhone greatly impacted the usage of my Canon 5D Mark II. A quick summary: the iPhone camera got to be so good that I used it instead of my DSLR not only because of the photo quality but because of how easy it was then to post photos online. Fortunately technology changes. Canon 5D Mark III + Eye-Fi = AWESOMENESS I have had my eye on the Eye-Fi for years.

Need Lens Advice for a Canon DSLR?

Not that I am an expert, but I often get asked photography related questions. A commonly asked question: What lens should I buy? Of course, there is not a single answer for everyone. I do have a single, initial response though: Buy the best lens you can afford 1. I have had many camera bodies, but for the most part have had the same lenses since 2001, so consider your lens purchase a long-term investment.

Top 3 Tips for Your First DSLR

OK, based on my last post I should be reading right now. Instead, I wanted to write this post since several friends have asked for my opinions on photography recently. I’ll start by saying I am simply an enthusiast when it comes to photography. I am not in a position to share techniques to make you a better photographer. However, I have purchased a fair share of gear so I’d like to share my tips to those looking into getting photography…specifically those wanting to upgrade to a DSLR.

Random Photo

From time to time I will post a random photo. I chose this photo not only because I like it but also how surprised I was to capture it… It was just an average weekend afternoon hanging out at home. We were sitting down for lunch at our kitchen table and I took note of the amaryllis (aka naked lady) on our table. I liked how the light from the front door was in the background.

How My iPhone 4 Killed My Canon 5D Mark II: Take 2

Note: this was originally posted here. Denise and I received our iPhone 4s on Day 1. The very day we left for a long weekend at Crater Lake. And the weekend after that we spent 10 days on in Door County. In a typical month this year we take around 800 photos (and that is WAY down from previous years) with our Canon 5D Mark II. On vacations we typically take 1000+ photos.

My iPhone 4 Killed My Canon 5D Mark II

I am so very frustrated right now. I just spent 30 minutes typing up this post on my iPad and only the photo came through…NONE of the text. Well now I have a new post, “Why I Threw My iPad Out the Window!” I’ll try to rewrite about this topic later. It only took me a month to write it in the first place. It will probably take another 2 months for me to muster up the will power to rewrite about this.