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Brandon Bohling

Tag: ios

Disable Smart Punctuation

I believe smart punctuation is a new iOS 11 feature. Unfortunately it seems to be enabled by default, which if you use your iOS device for markdown, YAML, code, etc. you will need to disable the feature straight away under Settings > General > Keyboards:

Making UISwitch Useful in a UITableView with Groups or Sections

I just had a progasm1. I was creating a UITableView that had multiple groups with multiple rows in each group. Each row had a UISwitch. The intent was to update a price label every time a UISwitch value (on/off) changed. However, figuring out which row and section, trigged the event was not straightforward. After doing some research it seemed like most people were using a hack where they would set the UISwitch tag property to the indexPath.

How to “View Source” from Safari on an iPad or iPhone

How to “View Source” from Safari on an iPad or iPhone from Ole Michelsen: Add this (or any other) page as a bookmark Then click here to see the bookmarklet code and Select All → Copy Now edit that same bookmark, paste the code you just copied into the URL and name it something like “View Source” This will most certainly be used. Thanks Ole!