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Brandon Bohling

Tag: workflow

Jekyll Link Posts with Keyboard Maestro

This has been a big week of knocking down the Jekyll publishing barriers. Automating the Jekyll publishing process was the first big one. As I stated in that post, it still is not perfect, but much, much better than the default Jekyll behavior. Next, I tweaked Jekyll so I could publish link posts, but what good is that feature unless I can publish them lickety-split? Luckily I remembered that Ben Brooks posted on this topic recently (turns out it was just over a year ago).

Automating Jekyll

March 06, 2012, marked the one year anniversary of this site being driven by Jekyll. I will not rehash my reasonings here as I explained myself already in the Text File Revolution post, but I do want to reflect for a moment… Since switching to Jekyll I have written a mere 28 times; a personal worst in my 9 years of blogging1. I would love to blame it on a busy life2, but that is a cop-out.

Digital Darkroom Tip: Clarify and Sharpen

Several years ago one of my fellow photographers, Cecil Walker, showed me an easy, but priceless photo editing tip. I wish one of us could take credit for this, but unfortunately we can’t—nonetheless I’m glad Cecil came across the article. I’m sorry I do not remember where, so apologies to the original “founder”. All photographers, on occasion (ha), take a flat photo…I know, shocking. With a quick 2–step tweak the flat photo can be reborn into the image you really witnessed.