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Brandon Bohling

Tag: cycling

Welcome to Cyclocross

As I mentioned previously, I have always loved bikes. The previous five years though I have ridden very little. I’m sure I rode my road bike less than 500 miles each year. However, this year has been a big cycling year for me…I have ridden over 2,000 miles! I even dusted off the neglected mountain bike and went for a night ride on it a few weeks ago. In addition, I was convinced by my fellow riders to try cyclocross.

My Everyday Things Project: Bikes

Bikes have always played a large part in my life. I vividly remember each bike all the way back to my first Big Wheel1…one of the originals in the early 70s. The first monumental bike purchase for me occurred in 1982. For a year I had been working on my parents and grandparents to buy me a Honda three wheeler. I was totally consumed with the idea of having my own three wheeler…my cousin had three Honda ATVs which I loved to ride anytime we went to his house.